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Whether you are a consumer products company or a business-to-business provider of software services, sometimes you need a promotion to get the attention your products and services deserve.

A promotion is an incentive that moves a potential buyer closer to a buying decision. It is not necessarily a discount. McDonald's “for a limited-time only” McRib sandwich is an example of where the product itself is the promotion.

Promotion is used to get 1) attention, 2) interest, 3) desire, and, finally 4) a buying decision. Cars, jeans, business software, chemicals, housecleaning... nearly every product or service observes this four-step process. Some sales cycles are short. Some are terribly long. A promotion strives to compress the cycle.

Get a $100 Prepaid Visa Card when you buy four tires!

Whether you need tires or not "Get a $100 Prepaid Visa Card" hopes to get your attention.

For those who have concerns about their tires or a desire to replace them, the promotion gets their interest.

Assuming the advertiser has tires that the person would find acceptable and affordable, that person might shift their thinking to what they’d do with a $100 Prepaid Visa card. This modifies them into more of a "desire" mode. If their desire is sufficient, they can be self-compelled to act, to buy.

iCARD provides promotions that people want - Prepaid Visa cards and an online gift card with access to a choice of more than 150 popular gift cards for stores, restaurants, online shopping, music, movies, spas, sporting goods, and more.

Cards are offered by iCARD Gift Card LLC, an iCARD Systems company. iCARD's prepaid Visa cards are issued by the MetaBank pursuant to a license from Visa.
iCARD Systems is an Independent Sales Organization of MetaBank. © 1998 - 2011 iCARD Systems. All rights reserved.