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iCARD's incentive products work better than a lot of other incentives - travel, merchandise, plaques - because our products empower the recipient with choice.

Cold hard cash is often cited as the BEST incentive because it is completely open-ended and can be used anywhere. But is it really the best?
- It can't be used for online purchases.
- Once it gets put in a wallet, it is quickly forgotten.
- It gets spent on "life's expenses," not on something special that reinforces the behavior that earned the incentive.
- It is risky to keep on hand or to mail.
- It is hard to keep track of, administratively.

Fortunately, iCARD offers incentive solutions that shore up the weaknesses of cash while retaining a great deal of the same flexibility-of-use that end-users really want.

Prepaid Visa cards can be used anywhere that Visa Debit is accepted.
- Personalized or non-personalized, they can carry unique messaging.
- They can be conveniently and safely mailed directly to the recipient.
- They can be ordered, personalized and customized by multiple people to get the best price and to have uniform ordering procedures and cardholder experiences.
- They can be branded to become wallet billboards.
- They have "trophy" value and are often kept as mementos long after the card's value has been depleted.

The iCARD Gift Card is an emailed gift card that can be redeemed for any of 150+ plastic or electronic gift cards from stores, restaurants, movie theatres, spas, online shopping sites, and more.
- It is one of the fastest order-to-delivery incentives available.
- It is cost-effective, costing as little as $1.95 to deliver a customized incentive and deliver the gift cards that the recipient chooses.
- It can be printed as a certificate for hand-delivery.
- It never expires.
- It can expose the recipient to other online content – surveys, products and services.
- It engages the recipient online; a key touchpoint with employees, dealers, distributors, and customers.
- It appeals to the recipient multiple times with ONE incentive, dramatically reinforcing the behavior that earned the incentive.
o It offers a VALUE OF $XX.
o The recipient is empowered to redeem the value for GIFT CARDS THEY WANT.
o The recipient is then able to use their gift cards to PURCHASE THE MERCHANDISE OR SERVICE THAT THEY WANT. If you've read this far, you deserve a reward! Experience it for yourself!

Cards are offered by iCARD Gift Card LLC, an iCARD Systems company. iCARD's prepaid Visa cards are issued by the MetaBank pursuant to a license from Visa.
iCARD Systems is an Independent Sales Organization of MetaBank. © 1998 - 2011 iCARD Systems. All rights reserved.